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Watch out for more info about Living Light Naturopathic Clinic as we transition to their care

Welcome to Root Natural Health

Root Natural Health has closed it’s doors, however Living Light Naturopathic Clinic will be seamlessly taking over your care.


What are Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathic Physicians are trained in conventional medicine in addition to extensive education in Nutrition, Counseling, Lifestyle Modifications, Herbal medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Physical medicine

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Our Naturopathic Doctors take a holistic approach to health care, listening carefully to understand the factors contributing to your state of health, and guide through education and supportive treatment plans.

Our behavior consultant and hypnotist utilizes positive psychology, design thinking, hypnosis and habit research for a unique approach to help you create the behavior change you seek.

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What would better health mean to you?

Would it mean more energy, improved mood, living without pain or an overall feeling of well-being?

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We offer FREE 20 minute consultations with one of our providers.

During this consultation the provider can answer any questions about our approach and give you a chance to get acquainted. It is a great opportunity to learn about how you can benefit from our clinic at absolutely no cost to you.

Scent-Free Policy

Out of respect for our chemically sensitive patients, we request that you make every effort to remain scent-free while visiting our clinic. This includes all perfumes, essential oils and strongly fragrant beauty products.

Medicinary Items and Prescriptions

We work hard to provide access to the highest quality supplements, with proven clinical track records. We make every effort to select professional grade products that are third-party tested- certified for quality, safety and stated ingredients.

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Medical Resources for Patients

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A Complete, Holistic Approach to Your Health

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Our Naturopathic Medical Doctors

Learn more about our naturopathic physicians serving Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

Naturopathic Medicine?

We seek to identify and treat the underlying cause of disease, not just palliate symptoms.