Behaviour Change & Hypnosis

Behaviour Change
People often assume the secret to change is willpower. They blame themselves when they are not successful, but they don’t have the blueprints for change. Lack of success is a design flaw rather than an inability to change. Our expert, Katie Wittekind, will teach you how to create the behavior change you seek. You will be able to apply what you learn to change any behavior you want. Included in your first session is an online course on Behavior Change to give you the background knowledge you need. When you meet with Katie, the focus will be on how to apply what you have learned to your unique situation.

The hypnotist guides the client into a Self-Hypnotic State. They teach the client techniques that will allow them to use their natural ability to change the way they think, feel or behave. The Self-Hypnotic State is a state of relaxed concentration which anyone can enter naturally. Hypnotists guide their clients to enter this natural state more easily, effectively, and intentionally. The initial session will focus on the clients goals and intentions and seek to uncover what is blocking the client from the change they seek.

Katie Wittekind, MAPP, CH, CTHC
Katie is a behavior change expert, hypnotist, certified coach, corporate consultant, business owner, public speaker, non-profit president, and mother of two. Katie brings the themes of positive psychology, design thinking, hypnosis and habit change together for an innovative approach to behavior change.