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Root Natural Health is an Integrative Naturopathic Medical Clinic that combines evidence based standards of care and individualized holistic care.  It is conveniently located in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. See Below for more information and resources for your health and wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

Our doctors at Root Natural Health believe in empowering our patients so that they know the most information possible about healthcare options and treatments. We believe that education is the key to better health.

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Healthy Eats in Flagstaff

Be sure to visit some of our local restaurants, markets, and grocery stores serving healthy options for your holistic dietary needs. Feel free to call us for more information.

A Complete, Holistic Approach to Your Health

Would it mean more energy, improved mood, living without pain or an overall feeling of well-being?

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Learn more about our naturopathic physicians serving Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

Naturopathic Medicine?

We seek to identify and treat the underlying cause of disease, not just palliate symptoms.